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UGC Introduces ‘CU-Chayan’: A Revolutionary Online Portal for Hiring Faculty in Central Universities

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a new faculty recruitment portal called CU-Chayan to make the hiring process for Central Universities more accessible and user-friendly. The UGC Chairman, M. Jagadesh Kumar, stated that the portal would provide a common platform for listing vacancies, advertisements, and job listings across all Central Universities, making the process more convenient and transparent.

The portal will allow applicants to track their progress online, and universities can conduct interviews and assessments remotely. It will have features such as a personalised dashboard for each applicant and an administration dashboard for each University or Department. The screening committee of the University can view details of the applicants and check the uploaded documents against each entry point.

The UGC has also assured that the current reservation system will not be affected, and universities will continue to follow the Government of India’s reservation system. The launch of this portal will ensure that the recruitment process in Central Universities is inclusive, fair, and efficient.

The CU-Chayan portal has been developed in consultation with the Vice-Chancellors of all Central Universities, and the UGC will provide training to universities on how to use the portal efficiently. This development will not affect the autonomy of Central Universities, and all recruitment activities will be carried out through the administration dashboard for each University on this portal.

The launch of the CU-Chayan portal is a positive development for the academic community and is expected to ensure that the best and most qualified candidates are selected for faculty positions in Central Universities.

Link to the CU-Chayan portal: https://curec.samarth.ac.in/

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