App NameTopicGrade LevelEase of UseDescription of AppLinks
Adobe Express (for Education)Creation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyAdobe Express offers students and teachers the ability to create graphics, photos, and videos. With templates and AI-generated support available, students simply need to tap into their imagination to create amazing projects that showcase their learning. Cost: FreeLearn More
Anchor (Spotify for Podcasters)Creation & Creativity9-12MediumAnchor allows students and teachers to create, publish, and host a podcast on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. A built-in podcast episode builder includes the ability to record, import audio files, add sound effects, and transitions. Anchor provides the means to amplify student voice to a global audience. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple BooksDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyApple Books is more than just a repository for eBooks and audio books. Students can turn eBooks into an audio book by changing the accessibility settings on their iOS device. Especially helpful for English language learners, all students have the option select words, sentences, or full pages to be read aloud. Cost: Free (app), Purchase (books)Learn More
Apple ClassroomLearning Management SystemK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumClassroom is an iOS and web-based app that equips teachers with the ability in to manage, view, and interact with students on their own iOS devices. Teachers can use this app to guide real-time instruction as well as focus students on a particular concept (by locking devices to a particular app). Thoughtful and intentional use by teachers can help motive, engage, and elevate the teaching and learning experience. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple KeynoteProductivity5-8, 9-12MediumKeynote is Apple’s presentation app. Teachers and students can create engaging presentations, add animations/transitions, and interactive charts. Keynote offers real-time collaboration and ability to sync/share files via iCloud. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple NotesProductivity9-12EasyApple Notes is a note-taking app for Apple devices. It is an easy to use tool where teachers and students can add text, images, audio, and handwritten notes. The ability to annotate PDFs and images as well as add collaborators makes this a useful tool for shared learning. When logged in with an iCloud account, notes sync across Apple devices. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple NumbersProductivity5-8, 9-12MediumNumbers is a spreadsheet app for Apple devices. Students can organize, calculate, and analyze data as well as create interactive charts, graphs, and visual data representations. With the ability to import images, videos, and other multimedia files, this tool, along with its wide range of templates, ensures that data analytics is visually appealing and user-friendly. When signed into an iCloud account, teachers and students can access files and collaborate anywhere with an Internet connection. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple PagesProductivity12+MediumPages is a word processing app for Apple devices. Beyond traditional essays and reports, teachers and students can use Pages to create newsletters, brochurse, posters, and digital books. Pages supports real-time collaboration and multimedia integration. When signed into an iCloud account, teachers and students can access files and collaborate anywhere with an Internet connection. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple Swift PlaygroundsSTEM / Coding5-8MediumSwift Playgrounds is an app for iOS and Mac that provides students with a fun way to code using Swift (programming language created by Apple). Students solve puzzles while learning the basics of coding (e.g., loops, variables). As they progress through the challenges, students receive real-time feedback so that they can iterate and try again. Cost: FreeLearn More
Apple Voice MemosProductivity9-12EasyVoice Memos is a native iOS app that makes it easy to record, edit, and share an audio/voice recording. Students can use this to record lectures, practice a new language, dictate notes as well as rehearse for an oral presentation. For students who may struggle with traditional note-taking, this app is an easy and valuable alternative. Cost: FreeLearn More
AudibleDigital Content / Curriculum5-8, 9-12EasyAudible is an iOS/Android app that allows students to listen to audio books or podcasts. School-sponsored libraries allow students to enjoy a new style of storytelling with embedded scaffolds such as links to definitions, Wikipedia entries, and screen-readers. This is a great option for students who love audio books/podcasts, may be reluctant readers, or learn best by hearing content read aloud. Cost: License (purchase)Learn More
BlooketAssessmentK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyBlooklet provides teachers with an easy way to create/import questions, but more importantly, this platform gamifies the review process for students. With a variety of game-types available, students will have fun learning while teachers can analyze student progress to address knowledge gaps in real-time. Cost: FreeLearn More
Book CreatorCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyBook Creator is a platform that equips students and teachers to create multimedia, digital books by easily adding text, audio, photos, videos, and hand-drawn illustrations. This is where storytelling and collaboration come to life as students can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking literacy skills. Text-to-speech options offers an additional layer of support the varied learning needs of students. Cost: Free for individual teachers, Subscription (purchase)Learn More
Book WidgetsInstructionK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyBook Widgets allows teachers to create interactive exercises, rich with multimedia. While students are demonstrating their learning in gamified ways such as riddles and bingo, teachers can monitor student progress in real-time as well as provide instant feedback make learning meaningful and relevant. Cost: SubscriptionLearn More
BrainPOPDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyBrainPOP hosts animated videos with activities (e.g., quiz, concept-mapping, coding, movie-making) that allow students to demonstrate their learning in fun and entertaining ways. These standards-based lessons cover a variety of content areas such as ELA, social studies, science, math, SEL, arts/music, and engineering/technology–better yet, students can collaborate as they learn. Best suited for Grades K-8. Cost: Subscription (purchase)Learn More
BuzzMathDigital Content / Curriculum5-8MediumBuzzmath is an educational platform with interactive mathematical-based questions that allow students to acquire and practice important problem-solving skills. Teachers can select from a variety of math content and personalize learning to meet the varied needs of their students. NOTE: Requires a subscription. Cost: SubscriptionLearn More
Camtasia StudioCreation & Creativity12+MediumCamtasia is screencasting and video creation tool that allows users to upload/record content, video/audio clips, and text. Customization tools (e.g., fading, splicing) add to the creation of a professional and quality video. Cost: License (per device)Learn More
CanvaCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumCanva is a creation tool that allows students and teachers to design beautiful and interactive presentations and products. Students can easily and quickly demonstrate their learning by using pre-created templates as well as stock images and texts with the option to also upload their own media. This user-friendly tool enables users to flex their graphic design skills. Cost: Free EDU account for teachersLearn More
Canvas by InstructureLearning Management System5-8, 9-12MediumCanvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to create pages or organize modules with text, images, videos, and other multimedia artifacts. As with most LMS, teachers can create discussion forums, assessments (with due dates), and assignments as well as monitor student progress over time. Cost: Free for individual teachersLearn More
ChatGPTProductivity5-8. 9-12EasyChatGPT is an AI-powered conversational tool developed by OpenAI. Teachers and students can use ChatGPT to quickly retrieve information on a variety of topics. Teachers can use this tool to develop lesson ideas and activities; whereas students may find this tool to be helpful for homework help, language learning, or writing assistance. Cost: FreeLearn More
ChatterPix KidsCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyChatterPix Kids is an app that allows students to record and add audio to any image. Draw a mouth on any photo, and ChatterPix can make it speak–this is a fun option for students to creativity practice speaking literacy skills. Cost: FreeLearn More
CheggDigital Content / Curriculum12+MediumChegg is an online platform where students can rent textbooks and access study tools such as online tutoring, study solutions, flashcards, and writing support. Students can also use this website to find internships, scholarships, and conduct a job search. Cost: Free, Textbooks (rental)Learn More
Class DojoLearning Management System5-8, 9-12, 12+EasyClass Dojo is a tool that allows teachers to communicate and build relationships with students and families. Teachers can post class stories, manage classroom behavior, provide real-time feedback, and collect/curate student work–all in the same place. Cost: FreeLearn More
ClassLinkProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyClassLink is a platform that supports single sign-on and easy dissemination of district-approved apps. This one-stop shop enables students and teachers to quickly access app and resources. Districts can also monitor usage and learning analytics. Cost: License (purchase)Learn More
CleverProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyClever is a platform that supports single sign-on and easy dissemination of district-approved apps. This one-stop shop enables students and teachers to quickly access app and resources. Districts can also monitor usage and learning analytics. Cost: FreeLearn More
Code AcademySTEM / Coding5-8, 9-12HardCodeacademy offers tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions, immediate feedback, and a tested curriculum to help uses quickly gain coding skills (e.g., JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS). Users are offered a personalized learning pathway depending on the goals for learning. Cost: Free (basic)Learn More
Code.orgSTEM / CodingK-4, 5-8, provides tutorials for all grade levels that teach students how to code through the use of interactive challenges and real-time feedback. Although this valuable resource can be used to host Hour of Code to get students excited about coding, teachers can also use the provided curriculum to teach computer science for elementary, middle, and high school students. Cost: FreeLearn More
Common LitDigital Content / Curriculum3-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyCommonLit is a platform that supports the practice and acquisition of important literacy skills. Teachers can take advantage of the provided reading lessons, ELA curriculum, and assessments as well as use the filters to quickly locate specific genres, lexile levels, themes, and literary devices. The digital library supports English and Spanish translations. Cost: Free for individual teachers, Subscription (purchase)Learn More
CoSpaces EDUAugmented & Virtual Reality5-8, 9-12MediumCoSpacesEDU is an iOS/Android and web-based app that allows students to create Augmented and Virtual reality experiences. Students across all subjects and grades can build 3D creations, animate them with code, and explore them in AR or VR. Cost: Free (basic)Learn More
DesmosProductivity5-8, 9-12EasyDesmos is a platform that provides students access to a variety of calculators/tools (e.g., four function, graphing, scientific, geometry) as they learn and practice important mathematical skills. Teachers can also use the free digital lessons and lesson-building tools to create interactive and collaborative activities. Some resources are available in both English and Spanish. Cost: FreeLearn More
DocHubProductivity9-12MediumDocHub allows users to upload and annotate a variety of files (e.g., PDF, JPEG, PNG, PPT, RTF, TXT, DOC). Classroom uses include highlighting, drawing, inserting text boxes, and adding sticky notes. Students can collaborate on the same document as well as easily share the annotated document to Drive or Google Classroom. Cost: FreeLearn More
Duolingo for SchoolsLanguage Learning5-8, 9-12MediumDuolingo for Schools is an app and web-based tool to help users learn a new language. Students can practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking a new language–all in a gamified format that encourages engagement through digital badging and real-time feedback. Teachers can easily import rosters from Google Classroom, set up individualized activities, and monitor student progress. Cost: FreeLearn More
EdPuzzleInstructionK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyEdPuzzle is a web-based tool that allows teachers add interactive elements to videos to ensure that students understand the content presented. Teachers can add comments, questions (e.g., multiple choice, open-ended), and hyperlinks that are time-stamped to certain sections in the video. Students can watch the videos individually or teachers can present the video live to the whole class. The analytics tool enables teachers to monitor student progress with the option to provide comments and/or reset auto-graded questions. Cost: Free (basic), Pro (purchase)Learn More
EdublogsCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12EasyEdublogs is a platform that allows teachers to create and manage student blogs. With the ability to post text, links, images, and videos, teachers can guide and support students as they develop important writing and digital literacy skills. Cost: FreeLearn More
EduCreationsCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyEducreations is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting app. Teachers and students can create and annotate multi-page screencasts using various types of media and can easily share products using a link or embed code. Cost: Free, Pro (purchase)Learn More
Epic!Digital Content / CurriculumK-4EasyEpic is a digital library with access to thousands of books. Students can hone their reading comprehension skills with read-to-me books, badges, and progress tracking. Cost: Subscription (purchase)Learn More
EvernoteProductivity12+EasyEvernote is a versatile digital notebook accessible from any device, allowing users to type, record audio, add images, and clip from the Internet. Notes can be organized into notebooks, tagged for easy recall, and shared directly with users or via a URL. Evernote can also be connected to Google Calendar. Cost: Free (basic)Learn More
Explain EverythingCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumExplain Everything is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting app where teachers and students can create dynamic presentations that include text, images, audio, video, and PDF files. Teachers can create engaging flipped lessons, and students can demonstrate their learning using multiple modalities. Explain Everything can be integrated to a variety of LMS. Cost: Limited Free, License (purchase)Learn More
FigjamCollaboration5-8, 9-12EasyFigjam is an online, digital whiteboard platform that facilitates collaboration and brainstorming. The interactive features support active learning as students can engage in mind-mapping, brain dumping, or design thinking using a variety of templates, widgets, plugins, stickers, etc. Users can set permissions for viewing and editing providing a easy way to share content to a larger audience. Cost: Free (limited), SubscriptionLearn More
Flip (formerly Flipgrid)CommunicationK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyFlipgrid is an educational video discussion platform where students and teachers can record engaging audio or video clips. Students can personalize their clips with stickers and annotations. Teachers can organize and moderate topics so that students can share privately or publicly — creating a pathway for students to practice important listening and speaking skills. Cost: FreeLearn More
Formative (formerly Go Formative)AssessmentK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyFormative is an instructional platform designed to facilitate real-time assessment and feedback. This tool allows teachers to create interactive lessons incorporating text, audio, video, embedded websites, and images. The ability to upload and annotate PDFs, Google Docs, and Google Slides means that teachers do not have to recreate the wheel. Comprehensive data analytics ensure that teachers (and students) can monitor learning across standards and key concepts. Cost: Free (Bronze), Subscription (Silver, Gold)Learn More
FreeformCollaborationK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyFreeform is an iOS app that features an unlimited canvas where students and teachers can draw, upload images, add text, import websites, etc. to create a visual representation of learning. Users can see, share, and collaborate all in one place for endless possibilities. Cost: FreeLearn More
GarageBandCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumGarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, or MacBook into a music- or pod-casting making machine. Features such as live loops and smart instruments allow users to create content — and music aficionados can also plug in their own instruments to add depth and personalization. Cost: FreeLearn More
GeniallyInstructionK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyGenially is a web-based platform that can transform content into interactive presentations, promoting active learning and creativity. Students can collaborate and co-create projects leading to a more immersive learning experience. Cost: Limited Free, Upgrade (purchase)Learn More
GimkitAssessmentK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyGimkit is an online game-based learning tool designed to help students master new content while having fun. Teachers can create quizzes (or import from Pear Deck’s Flashcard Factory) that students can join, answer questions, and earn in-game currency, which they can use to upgrade or “power up” within the game. Cost: Limited Free, Upgrade (purchase)Learn More
Google BardProductivity5-8, 9-12EasyGoogle Bard is a conversational artificial intelligence tool with access to a vast amount of information curated from the Internet, books, and scholarly articles. Teachers can use this tool to develop personalized lesson plans as well as create quizzes or games for students to review content. Students can use Bard to explain difficult concepts, translate text into another language, or provide ideas for research. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google CalendarProductivity5-8, 9-12MediumGoogle Calendar is a digital planning tool. Because Google Calendars can be shared and published, teachers can use this to help students with organization, time management, and collaboration/group work. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google ClassroomLearning Management SystemK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyGoogle Classroom is available to teachers with a Google Workspace for Education account. This platform streamlines assignment creation, student work submission, and management through Google’s suite of tools. This tool can facilitate class discussions, auto-post tasks to students’ Google Calendars, and supports efficient grading and feedback. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google DocsProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyGoogle Docs, a tool within the Google Suite, is a word-processing tool that supports real-time collaboration and feedback. Users can insert images and hyperlinks as well as add-ons to create a visually appealing and interactive product. The built-in version history and auto-save ensures that users will not lose their work. This workhorse is a must-have for the classroom. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google DrawingCreation & CreativityK-4EasyGoogle Drawing, a tool within the Google Suite, enables teachers and students to collaboratively create images from a blank canvas or import pictures from Google Drive, the web, or the built-in Research Tools. As it’s integrated with Google Drive, collaboration can occur both synchronously or asynchronously, and completed projects can be easily shared in Google Classroom or imported to Google Docs. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google DriveProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyGoogle Drive creates a collaborative environment for students and teachers to share, access, and edit files. Within Google Drive, it is possible to collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously not only on Documents, Sheets, and Slides, but also drawings and other third-party applications such as WeVideo. It is also possible to share files and folders with non Google account holders either via a link or by embedding on a web site or blog. Cost: Free, Upgrade (purchase)Learn More
Google FormsProductivity5-8, 9-12MediumGoogle Forms, a tool within the Google Suite, simplifies data collection and analysis as well as promotes active learning and collaboration. Teachers can quickly create quizzes, checks for understanding, or tickets out the door that incorporate text, video, audio, images, and hyperlinks. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google JamboardCollaborationK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyJamboard is an interactive whiteboard (developed by Google) where teachers and students can collaborate; engage in interactive lessons, brainstorming, mind-mapping; annotate and highlight text and images. This visual tool supports formative assessment, visual learning, and a real-time or asynchronous feedback loops. Users can import content from Google Docs, Slides, or Drive as well as easily share their boards with colleagues/peers. NOTE: Google will sunset this app starting October 1, 2024 Cost: FreeLearn More
Google KeepProductivity12+MediumGoogle Keep enables users can stay organized with note-taking, to-do lists, and reminders based on time as well as location. Notes can include drawings, pictures, and audio recordings all of which can be shared with collaborators. This tool enhances organization, collaboration, and active learning, making it valuable for both teachers and students in managing academic tasks and facilitating effective study habits. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google MeetCommunication5-8, 9-12, 12+EasyGoogle Meet is a video conferencing tool that enables remote teaching and learning, allowing teachers and students to engage in lessons no matter the physical location. Teachers can screen share as well as create breakout rooms to facilitate small group discussions. This tool integrated with Google Classroom and Google Calendar and offers accessibility features such as live captioning. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google ScholarProductivity5-8, 9-12EasyGoogle Scholar is a search engine for credible sources and scholarly literature. It allows users to search for research-based articles, white papers, theses, conference papers, book chapters, and books. Users can employ a variety of filters to narrow their search, bookmark and download artifacts, access citation assistance as well as metrics and analytics. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google SlidesProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumGoogle Slides, a tool within the Google Suite, allows teachers and students to create and share visually appealing and interactive presentations. Teachers and students can leave comments enabling real-time feedback, discussion, and peer assessment. The built-in version history and auto-save ensures that users will not lose their work.This tool can seamlessly import content from Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive, promoting a cohesive learning experience. Cost: FreeLearn More
Google TranslateLanguage Learning5-8, 9-12EasyGoogle Translate enables students to translate text from over 100 different languages and also supports audio translations which helps with reading, listening, and speaking literacy skills. This tool is perhaps most valuable for English Language learners as they can practice and acquire key vocabulary terms and phrases. The Google Translate Chrome Extension allows students click on words for instant translation. Cost: FreeLearn More
GrammarlyProductivity5-8, 9-12, 12+EasyGrammarly is a digital writing assistant tool that helps students improve their writing by providing suggestions related to grammar, punctuation, and style. This tool also offers vocabulary suggestions to help students develop a richer linguistic repertoire. Grammarly also provides plagiarism detention and real-time feedback. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
iMovieCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumiMovie (web and iOS) offers an avenue for students to delve into the world of digital content creation, enhancing their creativity, critical thinking, and digital skills. Students can collaboratively create stunning multimedie representations of their learning and share it with a wider audience. This tool introduces students to basic video editing techniques as well as enables them to hone their digital literacy skills. Cost: FreeLearn More
iXLDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyIXL is an online platform offering adaptive learning experiences for students in math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish. This comprehensive K12 curriculum ensures that teachers can monitor student progress and mastery. Students can receive immediate feedback on their responses as well as earn awards and certificates. This platform also supports self-paced learning making it suitable for remediation or enrichments, depending on student needs, skills, and motivation. Cost: Classroom or Site License (purchase)Learn More
Kahoot!AssessmentK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyKahoot! is an interactive and engaging quiz-based learning platform that promotes active participation and retention. Its gamified format fosters friendly competition and motivation for students. Teachers can use Kahoot! to gauge student learning in real-time, tailoring instruction accordingly. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
KamiProductivity5-8, 9-12, 12+EasyKami is a digital annotation and collaboration tools that supports document-based analysis and interaction. Teachers and students can annotate, highlight, and add audio/video comments directly onto documents, promoting deeper engagement with texts. Kami’s collaborative features foster real-time feedback, discussion, and peer-review. Cost: FreeLearn More
Khan AcademyDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyKhan Academy is an online learning platform with practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard spanning various subjects, allowing students to learn at their own pace as they approach mastery learning. Its adaptive exercises and instant feedback mechanisms support personalized learning, while in-depth video lectures clarity complex topics. Cost: FreeLearn More
KodableSTEM / CodingK-4EasyKodable is a coding platform primarily geared for elementary students (K-5). This app introduces students to basic programming concepts using a visual, block-based coding language. Through coding challenges and games, students can practice and acquire creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
LibbyProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12+EasyLibby is a reading app that replaced OverDrive. With a library card, teachers and students can borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines for free. This app syncs content across devices as well as works offline. Cost: FreeLearn More
LoomCreation & Creativity12+EasyLook is a screencasting and video messaging platform. Teachers can record flipped lessons, tutorials, or feedback; whereas students can use Loom to demonstrate their understanding or showcase projects. Loom can support active participation in an asynchronous learning environment. Cost: Free (basic), Team/Business (purchase)Learn More
Math Learning CenterDigital Content / CurriculumK-4EasyThe Math Learning Center offers a suite of free educational apps designed to help students understand and internalize foundational math concepts. Students engage in active learning with hands-on activities. Teachers can use the apps to support differentiation as well as whole versus small group instruction. Cost: FreeLearn More
MentimeterCollaboration5-8, 9-12EasyMentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that supports real-time input from participants. Teachers can use this tool as a formative assessment as well to foster engagement and participation. Mentimeter offers diverse responses formats such as the ability to collect response via a multiple choice question turned into a word cloud. Cost: Free, SubscriptionLearn More
Microsoft FormsProductivity9-12MediumMicrosoft Forms, a tool within the Microsoft 365 suite, enables teachers to create forms, quizzes, or polls for a variety of formative assessment neets. Forms and quizzes can include multiple choice, open response, and a number of other question types, as well as images and video. Similar to Google Forms, teachers can set up auto-grading for instant feedback as well as use the data analytic features to identify trends or patterns to inform instructional decisions. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
Microsoft OneDriveProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service where students and teachers can create, access, share, and store documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Similar to Google Drive, OneDrive has a revision history and supports real-time collaboration. Note: To edit any Microsoft Office files, students and teachers need the individual Microsoft apps. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
Microsoft OneNoteProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft OneNote, a tool within the Microsoft 365 suite, is a digital notebook that enables teachers and students to organize, interact with, and share content. This collaborative tool supports the integration of multimedia elements such as images, videos, audio, and embedded files. With stylus support, teachers and students can handwrite notes, draw diagrams, or annotate texts directly. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
Microsoft PowerPointProductivity5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft PowerPoint, a tool within the Microsoft 365 suite, allows teachers and students to create and share visually appealing and interactive presentations. With multimedia integration capabilities (i.e., videos, images, graphs, transitions, animations) and built-in templates, teachers and students can create projects that foster engagement. When used in conjunction with OneDrive, users can collaborate in real-time promoting teamwork and shared learning Cost: Free, Subscription, One-time software (purchase)Learn More
Microsoft SwayCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft Sway, a tool within the Microsoft 365 suite, is a digital storytelling tools that allows teachers and students to create and share interactive presentations, reports, newsletters, etc. Students can collaborate with peers as they produce projects that include video, images, and other interactive content. This digital content creation tool support multiple modalities of learning while enabling students to hone their presentation skills. Cost: Free (standalone app), SubscriptionLearn More
Microsoft TeamsProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft Teams, a tool within the Microsoft 365 suite, is a platform that supports synchronous and asynchronous learning. Teachers can assign, track, and grade assignments as well as provide real-time feedback via chat or video. Channels within the Teams platform provide a collaborative workspace which is great for group projects and discussions, fostering teamwork and shared responsibility for learning. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
Microsoft TranslatorLanguage Learning5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft Translator offers real-time translation in over 100+ languages. English language learners can use this tool to better grasp important concepts and academic vocabulary. Because this tool can also transcribe spoken content, Microsoft Translator is beneficial for students with hearing accessibility issues. With this tool, teachers and school leaders can communicate more effectively with families whose primary language is not English. Cost: FreeLearn More
Microsoft WordProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumMicrosoft Word is a word processing tool that supports document creation, editing/revision history, and comment features. With a variety of templates available, teachers and students can easily create reports or projects. When used in conjunction with OneDrive, users can collaborate in real-time fostering teamwork and shared learning. This tool also includes a variety of accessibility features such as dictation, read-aloud, immersive reader, and auto correct. Cost: Free, Subscription, One-time software (purchase)Learn More
Minecraft EducationSTEM / Coding5-8, 9-12EasyMinecraft Education is a game-based platform that inspires creativity, collaboration, problem-solving and inclusive learning through play. Students can build and design blocky worlds which can stimulate imagination, foster innovative thinking, and reinforce problem-solving skills. Multiplayer mode enables students to communicate and collaborate as they engage in interactive, hands-on learning experiences. Cost: Free (trial), LicenseLearn More
MIT App InventorSTEM / Coding9-12MediumMIT App Inventor is a web-based application that allows students to create iPhone and Android apps. The visual drag-and-drop interface uses a simple, intuitive, block-based programming language which is a great entry point for novices. Students will learn important logical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as the importance of user-centered design. This app also supports collaboration, teamwork, and shared learning. Teachers can also set up a classroom to teach introductory coding. Cost: Free (open-source)Learn More
MoodleLearning Management SystemK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumMoodle is a free open-source learning management system (LMS) that supports virtual/hybrid learning. Teachers can design courses, create quizzes and assignments as well as set up discussion forums and collaborative wikis. Data analytics allow teachers to monitor student learning to inform instructional decisions. Cost: FreeLearn More
NearpodInstructionK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumNearpod is an interactive teaching tool that enables teachers to create and share multimedia-rich lessons with students in real-time or as self-paced activities. Teachers can take pre-existing presentations and transform them to facilitate engagement and interaction or they can explore the extensive library of pre-made lessons and resources for a variety of subjects and grade levels. More importantly, teachers can create gamified formative assessments to inform instruction as well as close the feedback loop by providing real-time comments, suggestions, and clarification. Cost: FreeLearn More
NewselaDigital Content / Curriculum5-8, 9-12, 12+EasyNewsela is an online instructional platform with over 16,000 current events, novel studies, videos, data sets, and infographics that enable students to practice their reading, writing, listening, and critical thinking skills. Teachers and students can select text at five different lexile levels to remove the barrier to complex sentence structures and vocabulary. Built-in write prompts, quizzes, polls, and annotation features provide students with an opportunity to interact with the text as they demonstrate their learning. Data analytics allow teachers to monitor student acquisition of reading literacy skills to inform instructional decisions. Cost: Lite (free), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
NextWaveSTEMSTEM / CodingK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumNextWaveSTEM is an organization that provides STEM education programs in Robotics, AI, Drones, and 3D Technology. Students can engage in hands-on learning STEM activities while also acquiring critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. These project-based lessons promote real-world application–an important factor for student engagement and agency. Teachers can also take advantage of their professional development offerings. Cost: Purchase (bundles)Learn More
No Red InkDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyNoRedInk is an online platform that helps students improve their grammar, writing mechanics, and style. Their online curriculum (exercises) provides personalized, high-interest content to hook students’ interests. Through repeated practice with scaffolded support and scalable differentiation, students will hone with writing and critical thinking skills. Cost: FreeLearn More
NotabilityProductivity5-8MediumNotability is an iOS app that allows teachers and students to create notes and annotate PDFs, slides, and images. Users can add text, images, hyperlinks, hand-drawn diagrams, and record audio. The versatile writing tool also enables users to select the style, color, and format for note-taking/writing. The ability to organize color-code folders and sync to the cloud ensures that users can access what they need in a timely manner. Cost: Free, Premium (purchase)Learn More
Numerics Calculator & ConverterProductivity12+EasyNumerics Calculator & Converter is a Chrome extension that provides students with a calculator that they can use on their Chromebook. This Chrome extension keeps a history of calculations, includes a currency calculator, and can complete algebraic functions even when working offline. Cost: FreeLearn More
OpenShotCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumOpenShot is a cross-platform video editing tool for Linux, Mac, and Windows. With features such as drag & drop, trim & slice, animation & keyframes, video effects, unlimited audio tracks, and slow motion & time effects, students can create videos that not only showcase their learning, but also demonstrates their video editing skills. Cost: FreeLearn More
PadletCollaboration5-8, 9-12EasyPadlet is a digital canvas or virtual bulletin board that allows teachers and students to collaboratively create visually appealing, multimedia projects. Teachers can set permissions, select from a variety of layouts and backgrounds, as well as determine how students can interact (comments vs. reactions) with posts. As a user-friendly tool, students can easily create their own Padlet wall to share their learning with peers, teachers, or a wider audience. Cost: Free (Neon), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
Pear DeckInstructionK-4, 5-8. 9-12Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool designed to increase student engagement while also promoting active learning. Teachers can quickly create lessons by importing Google Slides or using one of the content and skills-based templates in Pear Deck. Regardless if using teacher-paced or student-paced mode, teachers and students can engage in a back-channel conversation about their learning. A variety of question formats and multimedia options make this a versatile and user-friendly learning tool. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
PhETSTEM / Coding9-12MediumPhET is an interactive simulation tool created by the University of Colorado Boulder. Students can engage in hands-on, inquiry-based math and science lessons. This game-based interface allows students to conduct experiments that might be too expensive or dangerous to do in a traditional classroom. PhET also provides lesson plans, activities, and resources for teachers. Cost: FreeLearn More
Pixton Comic MakerCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumPixton is an online tool that allows students to create personal avatars, comic strips, and graphic narratives. Pixton offers students a creative outlet to demonstrate their learning through storytelling. Students can create characters, give them expression, move them into a pose, and use text bubbles in order to tell a story. Pixton also includes project banks to scaffold the process or students can start from scratch and/or remix comics made by classmates. Cost: Free (trial), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
Post RealityAugmented & Virtual Reality5-8, 9-12, 12+HardPost Reality is a platform for creating and viewing presentations in Augmented Reality (AR). Using their desktop browser studio, students can create interactive presentations with images, videos, audio, and 3D models. Theiri mobile app then brings the AR presentations to life, allowing viewers to interact with digital elements and communicate with other viewers. Cost: Free, Personal/Team Plan (purchase)Learn More
PreziCreation & Creativity9-12MediumPrezi is a tool that allows teachers and students to create fluid, interactive, and dynamic presentations. Best known for its zoomable user interface, students can demonstrate their learning in a non-linear format while also highlighting key concepts. Similar to other presentation tools, Prezi supports multimedia integration, templates, and collaboration among users. Cost: Free (trial), EDU Pro SubscriptionLearn More
ProdigyDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8EasyProdigy is a math platform designed to engage Grade 1-8 students by integrating standards-based math and ELA practice into a role-playing gamified environment. This platform adapts math questions and ELA concepts to each student’s level as well as provides immediate feedback on their learning. Teachers and parents can track student progress and performance. Cost: Free (teachers)Learn More
PuppetPals HDCreation & CreativityK-4EasyPuppetPals HD is an iOS app that allows students to easily create their own unique digital puppet shows to tell a story. Students can use the pre-designed puppet packs or insert their own characters and backgrounds. This app records audio and all motions with the puppets to create a video that demonstrates student learning. Cost: Free (limited), Purchase (Puppet bundles)Learn More
QuickTime PlayerCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12EasyQuickTime Player is a multimedia application developed by Apple that supports audio, video, and screen recording. Teachers can quickly record flipped videos for asynchronous instruction, and students can easily use QuickTime to craft digital narratives or presentations, combining images, video, and sound. Cost: FreeLearn More
QuizizzAssessmentK-4, 5-8, 9-12HardQuizizz is an online platform that allows teachers to create quizzes and interactive lessons that gamify the learning process. Teachers can gauge student understanding in real-time to inform instructional decisions. Features such as immediate student feedback, diverse question formats, multimedia integration, and customizable content/game settings make for an enjoyable educational experience. Cost: Free (teachers), School/District Plans (purchase)Learn More
QuizletAssessment5-8, 9-12EasyQuizlet is a learning platform that allows students and teachers to create flashcard sets, study from existing sets, and search for flashcard sets. Students can select from a variety of ways to study key terms, including games, traditional flashcards, and tests. Teachers can run Quizlet Live! which is a friendly way for students to compete while demonstrating mastery of key terms. Adaptive study help as well as audio features help to personalize learning for student needs. Cost: Free, Quizlet Plus SubscriptionLearn More
ReadWorksDigital Content / CurriculumReadWorks is an online resource that provides research-based reading comprehension practice for students. Teachers can assign grade-level articles and stories from a variety of genres with accompanying interactive vocabulary practice and text-dependent question sets. Differentiated options (lexile level appropriate) and audio features are available. Cost: Free (limited)Learn More
Reflector 4ProductivityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyReflector is a software application that allows users to mirror or stream content from mobile devices to a computer screen or projector. This tool can be used to make interactive presentations, model or demonstrate learning, as well as showcase student work. Teachers can enable multi-device screen mirroring as well as record screens with voiceover audio. Cost: Free (trial), Software purchaseLearn More
RemindCommunication5-8, 9-12, 12+MediumRemind is a communication platform designed for educators, students, and parents/caregivers to communicate in a safe and protected space. There is no need to exchange personal phone numbers with this app. Teachers can push out timely reminds about due dates, project details, or events to help students learn how to manage their time and responsibilities. This app also supports language translation. Cost: Free (limited), Premium (purchase)Learn More
SchoologyLearning Management System5-8, 9-12MediumSchoology is a learning management system (LMS) that supports online learning, classroom management, and collaborative interaction between teachers and students. Teachers can use this to centralize learning in one place: lesson planning, content distribution, assignment submission, and assessment. Students can engage in active learning with peers through discussion boards, messaging, and digital assessments. This platform can be used for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
ScratchSTEM / CodingK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyScratch is an online coding platform created by MIT researchers to introduce children to the world of computer programming through a visual coding environment. Using block-based coding, students can create projects while developing problem-solving and computational thinking skills. This platform supports collaboration, creativity, and cross-disciplinary learning and is available in 70+ languages. Cost: FreeLearn More
ScreencastifyCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumScreencastify is a screen recording tool that allows teachers and students to capture and share videos of their computer screens. This tool is perfect to create flipped lessons for asynchronous learning or for students to demonstrate their learning. Teachers can create an interactive learning experience by embedding questions into their screencasts ensuring that students are engaged while watching the video. Cost: Free (limited), SubscriptionLearn More
SeesawCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasySeesaw is digital portfolio platform that empowers students to document and share their learning journey. Students can create content using video, photos, text, hand-drawings, and audio recordings all of which promote multiple modalities for learning. This user-friendly platform supports collaboration and parental access ensuring that students have a wider audience to share their work. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
ShowbieInstructionK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyShowbie is an instructional platform that supports hybrid and online learning. Teachers can manage classroom workflow, assign tasks, collect student work and provide real-time, personalized feedback for students. Teachers and students can add audio, video, and images to assignments which caters to multiple modalities for learning. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
ShowMeCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyShowMe is an interactive whiteboard app that allows teachers and students to create and share videos. Created for iOS devices, this app supports interactive learning, works well for creating flipped lessons, and provides teachers will the opportunity to provide immediate feedback on student work. Collaboration, accessibility features, and multimedia integration make for a creative, flexible, and engaging learning experience. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
SocrativeAssessment5-8, 9-12MediumSocrative is a student response system that allows teachers (and students) to quickly assess student understanding through quizzes, polls, and interactive games. Socrative provides real-time feedback that can inform data-driven instructional decisions as well as student reflection. Teachers can create multiple kinds of assessments (e.g., quizzes, exit tickets, checks for understanding) using a variety of question types, including the ability to add images to questions. Cost: Free (basic), Pro (subscription)Learn More
SoundtrapCreation & Creativity9-12MediumSoundtrap is an online digital, audio workstation that allows students to collaborate and create music or podcasts. Students will be able to hone their creativity and technical skills when using this platform to demonstrate their learning. The ability to incorporate loops, presets, and beats when composing music as well as creating podcasts ensures that students are able to flex their communication. creativity, and digital literacy skills. Cost: Free (trial), SubscriptionLearn More
StorybirdCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumStorybird is an online storytelling tool that lets students create stories and poetry using a variety of templates (e.g., layouts, comics) and illustrated artwork. Students can publish their stories for feedback by peers or a larger audience and even purchase a hardcopy of their work. Storybird supports reading and writing literacy as students hone their creativity, imagination, and storytelling skills. Cost: Free (basic), SubscriptionLearn More
Storyline OnlineDigital Content / CurriculumK-4EasyStoryline Online, developed by SAG-AFTRA Foundation, is a website that streams free videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books aloud accompanied by animations of the books’ illustrations. Listening to stories read aloud supports the development of literacy skills such as listening comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. This website includes a diverse range of cultural themes and experiences which can foster empathy and a sense of belonging. Cost: FreeLearn More
TED-EdDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyTED-Ed offers teachers and students access to a wide range of subjects and topics (e.g., science, arts, humanities, history) through high-quality animated videos. Teachers can customize lessons using TED-Ed Animation, TED Talks, or a YouTube video with interactive questions and discussion topics. Known for providing intriguing topics, TED-Ed fosters curiosity and lifelong learning. Cost: FreeLearn More
ThingLinkCreation & Creativity5-8, 9-12MediumThingLink is an interactive multimedia platform that allows teachers and students to create and share visually engaging images with text, illustrations/photos, and hyperlinks to videos, audio files, and websites. This tools fosters creativity as students can transform static content into a dynamic presentation, including VR. Teachers can also set up groups in this platform to foster collaborative learning. Cost: Free (trial), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
TrelloProductivity9-12MediumTrello is a collaborative task management tool that organizes projects into boards, checklists, and cards. Students may benefit for using this tool to help with task and time management as well as delegate and keep track of responsibilities for group projects. Students can add attachments, set due dates/notifications, leave comments for peers in shared boards. Trello integrates with Google Drive, Slack, and Google Calendar. Cost: Free (basic), Premium (purchase)Learn More
TynkerSTEM / Coding5-8, 9-12MediumTynker is a safe, online platform that offers a wide range of coding lessons that introduces students to fundamental programming concepts using visual blocks. Eventually, students will transition to learning real coding languages (e.g.., Python, JavaScript). Through game-based learning and challenges, students are immersed in the world of coding in a fun and engaging way. Cost: Free (limited), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
TypingClubInstruction5-8, 9-12EasyTypingClub is a web-based platform that teaches typing skills in a gamified format. Students will gain speed and accuracy as they progress through a curriculum from basic to advanced challenges. This adaptive platform ensures that students experience a personalized learning pathway with real-time feedback and video tutorials. TypingClub also includes accessibility featuers such as voice-over and dictation exercises. Cost: Free (basic), Pro (purchase)Learn More
Voice Record ProCreation & Creativity9-12EasyVoice Record Pro is an iOS app that is more robust than Voice Memos. Besides the ability to record lectures, verbal dictation, or oral language practice, this tool has advanced editing features such as trim, convert, bookmark, and append recordings which are valuable for refining audio files for projects or presentations. Cost: FreeLearn More
VoiceThreadCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumVoiceThread (Ed.VoiceThread) is a collaborative multimedia slideshow tool that allows students to upload images, documents, videos, and slides to create presentations to demonstrate their learning. With sharing permissions enabled, students and teachers can record or type comments on each slide which fosters communication, collaboration and peer feedback/support. Cost: Free (limited), License (purchase)Learn More
WakeletProductivity5-8, 9-12EasyWakelet is a digital platform where teachers and students can curate and organize resources into collections or “wakes.” Teachers can assemble lesson materials, share resources with students, or even showcase student work. Students can use this platform to create, curate, and collaborate. Wakelet integrates with Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Adobe Spark, YouTube, OneDrive/Google Drive, and Canva making it a versatile tool in the classroom. Cost: FreeLearn More
WeVideoCreation & CreativityK-4, 5-8, 9-12MediumWeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform. Students can import images as well as video content and then trim clips, add captions, and record voice overs. WeVideo empowers students to express this learning through digital storytelling, and since it supports collaborative projects, students also develop teamwork and communication skills. Cost: Free (basic), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
WordPressCreation & Creativity5-8MediumWordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is primarily used for creating websites and blogs. Students can practice the basics of web design by experimenting with the various formatting features and templates. As a content creation tool, students can use this platform for self-expression and portfolio building as well as engage with a larger audience through comments. Cost: Free, Personal/Premium (purchase)Learn More
WordwallInstruction5-8, 9-12, 12+MediumWordwall is an online resource that allows teachers to create interactive learning experiences with quizzes, challenges, and games. With so many templates available, teachers can create multiple ways for students to practice and acquire important knowledge and skills. Real-time feedback and collaborative learning are additional features that add value to the learning experience. Cost: Free (basic), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
YouTube StudioCreation & Creativity9-12MediumYouTube Studio is a dashboard for that allows users to edit videos uploaded to their YouTube channel. Teachers and students can create, upload, trim, and add music to videos. Users can organize and set permissions for viewing as well as use viewer feedback and analytics to understand viewer engagement. Cost: FreeLearn More
ZearnDigital Content / CurriculumK-4, 5-8, 9-12EasyZearn is an online math learning platform featuring teacher-created and Common Core aligned lessons to make learning math engaging and accessible. Embedded within the platform are frequent checks for understanding, interactive visuals, games, and real-time feedback. Zearn adapts to individual needs of students so that instruction and practice are targeted based on their current math proficiency. Cost: Free (Teacher/individual classrooms), Subscription (purchase)Learn More
ZoomCommunication5-8, 9-12, 12+EasyZoom is a video conferencing tool that allows teachers and students to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Interactive features of the platform include breakout rooms, reactions, online whiteboard, audio, and chat functions. Teachers can set up safety mechanisms so that only rostered users can gain access to the online session. Cost: Free (limited), SubscriptionLearn More