“FDP Report: Empowering Educators for the Digital Era”

Event Report

Date: 20th May to 26th May, 2024

Duration: 7 Days

Participants: 300+

Aim: To foster an environment conducive to learning and collaboration, facilitating the exchange of insights and best practices.

Resource Person: Mr. Roshan Singh, Founder and CEO of Scrollwell

Portfolio Link: www.roshansingh.me


Program Overview

Scrollwell meticulously crafted a comprehensive Faculty Development Program (FDP) to empower educators for the digital era. This initiative offered advanced teaching strategies and cutting-edge digital tools tailored to modern educational demands.

Over seven days, more than 300 educators actively engaged in dynamic discussions, hands-on workshops, and expert-led presentations. The program fostered an environment conducive to learning and collaboration, facilitating the exchange of insights and best practices among peers.

Participant Engagement

Participants showed unwavering commitment and enthusiasm, contributing significantly to the program’s success. They demonstrated keen interest in the sessions and called for more interactive learning opportunities. This feedback underlined the need for continuous professional development.

Positive Feedback

Participants emphasized the practical aspects of content design and praised the sessions and speakers. They regarded the program as a valuable learning experience and expressed gratitude to the organizers for their efforts. This feedback sets a high benchmark for future programs.

Continuous Development

Scrollwell continues to fulfill its mission of providing ongoing professional development for educators. The demand for more interactive sessions highlights the importance of support and training in the education sector. By empowering educators for the digital era, Scrollwell ensures that teaching professionals are ready to meet modern challenges.


The success of this initiative underscores the critical role of continuous professional development. Scrollwell’s dedication to enhancing the quality of education through innovative approaches is evident. Empowering educators for the digital era is crucial for fostering a thriving educational community prepared for the future.

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