12 Online Research Tools for Academics

Research is one of the most time-consuming and thorough things you can do. No matter what field you work in or where you are in your career, research can be a hard and time-consuming task. From looking for books in libraries and on the internet to doing experiments, writing papers, and publishing them, researchers are always racing against the clock. No matter what kind of research you do, there is an online tool that can help you organise your notes, cite your sources, find important articles, connect with colleagues, and much more. But because there are so many options available at the click of a mouse, it can be hard to find the best tool. Sometimes it’s hard to find good resources, so we’ll talk about the features of 12 of the best online research tools for researchers at all stages of their careers.

The Most Important Online Resources and Research for Researchers

Grammar Checker Tools

Grammar checkers identify spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes. It improves a paper’s language. The internet is plenty with grammar checkers that propose improvements and explain them. Correctly written literature spreads knowledge plainly. Grammar checkers are essential for non-native scholars.

Trinka AI

Trinka AI is the first artificially intelligent grammar and language enhancement tool developed for scholarly and professional texts. It’s one of a kind since it not only corrects typos but also explains why they were made. It has a free edition that lets you use all of its features. The commercial edition provides users with unlimited access and greater monthly restrictions, in addition to the Microsoft Word add-in. Researchers from all over the world will appreciate the flexibility provided by the option to switch between the US and UK styles.

Unlike other grammar checkers, it is designed to preserve an academic tone while also improving word choice, sentence structure, and the clarity of your concepts. The software also includes subject-specific edits, preferences for a few style guidelines, and twenty or more publication-readiness tests. Provides extensive justifications for the chosen course of action. It also aids researchers in cutting down on wordiness by offering up other wordings that maintain the intended meaning.


Grammarly is a popular browser app or extension that checks grammar, punctuation, context, sentence structure, and readability. It checks for plagiarism in real time on MS Word, WordPress, Facebook, and other platforms. There are both free and paid versions of it. The free version checks spelling and grammar and makes a few suggestions. While the paid version offers basic changes and suggestions for improving your vocabulary, it also offers citation suggestions and can find plagiarism.

Project Management Tools

Project management is a collection of strategies for designing, planning, implementing, managing, and evaluating projects, linked with the art of people management. These instruments are used to oversee project development, resource allocation, and collaborative procedures. It requires the creation of a hierarchical task list, the monitoring of job completion, the setting of deadlines, the formulation of an action plan, and the assignment of resources.


Trello enables users to arrange their concepts using panels, cards, and lists. It is an easily accessible system with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism for cards. Users may list and schedule activities, set completion timeframes, and check percentages of progress. The user is able to build various boards for diverse topics. In addition, Trello stores the boards in the cloud and in the user’s profile. It provides both free and premium versions, depending on the needs of the user.


GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart application for project management that enables the generation of schedules in a straightforward manner. It is a premium application with a free trial version. GanttPRO permits the subdivision of important activities into lesser jobs and provides per-task cost estimation. While utilising a Gantt chart, you may view all the necessary information, including your team’s tasks, their sequences, deadlines, and priorities, quickly. GanttPRO is hosted in the cloud, allowing every team member to access it through any web browser.

Reference Management Tools

Reference management software aid in the management of the literature utilised in the production of research, providing researchers with an alternative to a time-consuming activity. These tools enable you to organise publications and their citations, share them with other scholars, detect duplicate entries, format the list of references, search and change any reference, and so on. In addition, it allows researchers to properly connect and credit the works cited in their studies.


Mendeley is a publicly accessible application for facilitating the workflow of reference management. It lets you to save, organise, search, and produce citations for all your references in a single library. It gives citation alternatives based on the numerous writing style guides required by your chosen journal. The software is compatible with Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice. It is also compatible with BibTex exporting LaTex. In addition, an Android version is also available. Its ability to highlight and annotate PDFs improves the management of various documents in a single location.


EndNote is a paid reference management programme that enables scholars to enter citations into the text while concurrently compiling a bibliography in Microsoft Word using the “Cite While You Write” function. Using “Manuscript Matcher,” it also aligns and formats the article according to the standards of the target publication. In addition, it automatically organises references and facilitates collaboration across remote workstations.

Plagiarism Checkers

The academic world is rife with plagiarism, and maybe as a result of the dizzying speed of publishing, researchers might unwittingly fall victim to this despicable conduct. To prevent having your article rejected, which might harm your reputation as a researcher, it is prudent to run it through a plagiarism checker. Not only may these tools assist you in detecting copied work, but they can also help you uncover prospective partnerships with scholars in the same subject.

Enago’s Plagiarism Checker and Duplichecker are two plagiarism detection programmes that may be utilised by researchers.

Enago’s Plagiarism Checker

Enago’s plagiarism checker is a one-of-a-kind instrument for efficient, thorough, and trustworthy plagiarism checking, particularly for research. It lets you evaluate the originality of a work using sophisticated plagiarism technologies and generates a report identifying regions of your text where the software detects duplicate content. A one-click upload button makes it simple to access. The instrument provides the most trustworthy findings at the lowest cost. In addition, a full, interactive, color-coded, and percentage-based plagiarism report may be seen online and saved in PDF format if necessary.


Duplichecker offers free versions for texts up to 1000 words and premium versions for texts above 1000 words. It delivers a proportion of duplicate material and underlines it in the list of sources. However, it does not offer full report. It only compares your paper to Internet sources and online books, therefore its database access is limited. The report is also easily readable and downloaded in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.

Journal Finder

The topic of the research not being within the scope of the journal is a typical reason for rejection by academic publications. The journal search engines assist researchers in selecting the most appropriate journal for publication. These tools are highly valuable for avoiding becoming engaged in a wrong-from-the-start paper submission procedure.

Enago Open Access Journal Finder (Enago OAJF) and Elsevier Journal Finder are two powerful and trustworthy journal finder programmes (Elsevier JF).

Enago’s Open Access Journal Finder

Enago’s OAJF is a publicly accessible tool that safeguards you from predatory publishers. It addresses problems such as journal validity and reports article processing costs via a journal index certified and supplied by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). It provides access to excellent, pre-screened journals in the public domain. Enago’s exclusive search technology enables you to build a succinct list of articles pertinent to your inquiry.

Elsevier Journal Finder

Elsevier Journal Finder enables you to enter the article’s title and abstract to quickly locate journals that are likely acceptable for publication. It employs sophisticated search technologies and research-specific vocabulary to link your content with scientific journals.

Social Networking for Academics


Academia.edu is a platform for exchanging research materials and networking with academics from across the world. Currently, the site has over 22 million articles and over 31 million academics, professionals, and researchers. The algorithms at Academia.edu produce over 20 million article recommendations every day. It is also possible to communicate information in media such as video, brief material, datasets, etc. You can receive alerts when you are mentioned and referenced, recognized as a co-author, and thanked for your cooperation.


ResearchGate is also a free networking tool that connects scientists and makes research accessible to the general public. There are currently over 20 million researchers from over 190 countries collaborating and sharing their work on ResearchGate. Additionally, the site enables for interactive dialogues with scholars.

Utilize any of the aforementioned web resources? Do you believe these internet research tools will considerably facilitate your work? What additional technologies do you know of that are helpful for academic work? Share your thoughts in the comment area below! You may also visit our Q&A forum for answers to commonly asked questions regarding various elements of research writing and publication provided by our team of subject-matter experts, distinguished researchers, and publication professionals.

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