Teaching with AI:

Using Chat GPT in the Classroom

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Time: 07:00 PM [Bangladesh St Time]

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Government City College, Chittagong.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we teach and learn. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly popular tool in education, and Chat GPT is one such AI tool that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning experience. In this webinar, we will explore how teachers can use Chat GPT in their classroom to improve student engagement, foster critical thinking, and enhance learning outcomes.

Topic to be Covered:

  1. Introduction to AI in Education: What is AI, and how is it being used in education?
  2. Overview of Chat GPT: What is Chat GPT, and how can it be used in the classroom?
  3. Benefits of using Chat GPT in Education: How Chat GPT can enhance the teaching and learning experience.
  4. Use cases of Chat GPT in Education: Examples of how Chat GPT is being used in classrooms around the world.
  5. Strategies for implementing Chat GPT in the Classroom: Best practices for integrating Chat GPT into your teaching practice.
  6. Challenges and Limitations: An overview of the challenges and limitations of using Chat GPT in the classroom.
  7. Future of AI in Education: A look at the future of AI in education and what it means for teachers and students.

Who Can Join: This webinar is suitable for teachers, educators, and anyone interested in using AI in education. No prior knowledge of AI or Chat GPT is required, as the webinar will cover the basics of these topics. The webinar will be useful for those looking to enhance their teaching practice and engage students in new and innovative ways.

Teaching with AI: Using Chat GPT in the Classroom
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