June 03 - 07, 2024

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (IST)

5-Day Faculty Development Program on Advanced Microsoft Power BI and Data Analytics.

Daily hands-on exercises via Google Classroom.

Capstone project: Create a report using Power BI.

Personalized feedback enhances skills.

The 5-Day Faculty Development Program on Advanced Microsoft Power BI and Data Analytics is meticulously crafted to elevate the data analytics proficiency of educators. This structured FDP is designed to equip teachers and educational administrators with an extensive comprehension of Power BI, a forefront tool in data visualization and business intelligence. By participating in this program, educators will harness the power of Power BI to analyze and visualize educational data proficiently. This capability fosters data-driven decision-making, enabling educators to profoundly influence student outcomes and educational strategies.

Day 1: Introduction to Power BI and Data Analytics

  • Objective: To grasp the fundamentals of Power BI and recognize its importance in data analytics within an educational context.
  • Topics Covered:
  • Overview of Power BI: Understanding its features and capabilities.
  • Significance of data analytics in education: Exploring how data-driven insights can enhance teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Installing and setting up Power BI Desktop: Practical guidance on installation and initial setup.
  • Introduction to Power BI interface: Navigating through the interface to understand its components and functionalities.

Day 2: Data Importing, Power Query, and Basic Visualizations

  • Objective: To acquire skills in importing data, utilizing Power Query for data transformation, and creating basic visualizations.
  • Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to Power Query: Understanding its role in data transformation within Power BI.
  • Importance of data transformation: Exploring why and when it's crucial.
  • Steps in data transformation: Practical examples utilizing Power Query.
  • Importing data from various sources (Excel, Web, etc.): Hands-on exercises to import data from different platforms.
  • Creating basic visuals like bar charts, line charts, and pie charts: Learning the basics of visual representation.
  • Basic report design principles: Understanding the principles of effective report design.

Day 3: Data Modeling and DAX Basics

  • Objective: To comprehend data relationships and initiate the usage of DAX for simple calculations.
  • Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to data modeling in Power BI: Understanding the concept of data modeling and its significance.
  • Understanding relationships between different data tables: Exploring the relationship types and their implementation.
  • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions): Learning the basics of DAX for creating calculated columns and measures.
  • Creating simple calculated columns and measures: Hands-on practice to create basic calculations using DAX.

Day 4: Intermediate Visualizations and Publishing Reports

  • Objective: To create more advanced visualizations and learn to share insights effectively.
  • Topics Covered:
  • Exploring intermediate visuals like slicers, matrixes, and maps: Learning to create more complex visualizations.
  • Introduction to Power BI Service: Understanding the cloud-based platform for publishing and sharing reports.
  • Publishing reports and creating dashboards online: Practical guidance on publishing reports to the Power BI Service and creating dashboards.
  • Sharing reports and collaborating within Power BI Service: Exploring collaboration features within the Power BI Service.

Day 5: Advanced Features and Q&A

  • Objective: To delve into advanced features and address participant queries.
  • Topics Covered:
  • Using advanced features like bookmarks, what-if parameters, and quick insights: Exploring advanced functionalities within Power BI.
  • Tips on effective storytelling with data: Learning strategies to effectively communicate insights derived from data.
  • Q&A session to resolve doubts and provide additional tips: Addressing participant queries and providing additional guidance.
Hands-On Exercises and Assignments

Throughout the program, participants will actively engage in hands-on exercises and assignments facilitated via Google Classroom. These practical tasks are meticulously crafted to solidify the understanding of daily concepts and ensure attendees can adeptly apply their newfound skills. Following completion of each session, participants will receive assignments tailored to reinforce the topics covered that day.

Moreover, a culminating capstone project will be assigned at the conclusion of the FDP. This project will task participants with synthesizing their acquired knowledge to develop a comprehensive report using Power BI techniques. Participants will have two days following the program's conclusion to submit their final projects. This capstone endeavor serves as a practical application of Power BI skills, enabling educators to enhance their proficiency in leveraging data analytics within their teaching and administrative capacities. Upon submission, participants will receive personalized feedback to further enrich their learning experience.

FDP Highlights

Embrace technology-enabled teaching to create engaging learning experiences.

Interactive Modules

Engage with content that's both informative and interesting

Expert Instructors

Learn from the best in the field of Innovative Teaching

Practical Assignments

Work on real-world projects to cement your learning


Earn a certificate upon completion to boost your professional credibility.

Lifetime Access

Learn at your own pace. Once enrolled, access the course material forever.

Meet with your FDP mentor

Dr. Arpana Chaturvedi

Associate Professor (Dept. of AI/ML/IT)

New Delhi Institute of Management- New Delhi

A dynamic perfectionist and Result Oriented Computer and Math’s Postgraduate, M. Phill in Computer Science and PhD (Computer Science) where She proposed the security solution for Digi Locker and UIDAI. She has close to 27 years of extremely rich and fast track experience in Information Technology with specialization in Hadoop Security. Her expertise is Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, Oracle, Linux and many more programming languages along with being an Out of the box innovative leader. She has made a valuable contribution to the field of research, having written more than 30 research papers in the different areas of Machine Learning, Big Data and Hadoop Security. She has a published various patent on AI and Machine Learning in the official website of patent journal, Government of India. Specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analytics, Hadoop Security, DBMS Applications, Programming Languages, Web Site Designing

27+ years

Experience in CSE and IT


Research Papers Published

Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing your top concerns about the Faculty Development Program

What is the mode of delivery for this FDP?

The FDP is delivered through Zoom Video Conferencing, providing an interactive online learning experience.

How long will I have access to the course materials in Google Classroom?

Participants will enjoy perpetual access to course videos and practice problems within Google Classroom. This ensures maximum flexibility, enabling individuals to learn at their preferred pace and convenience without any time constraints.

Is there a group discount?

Yes, for information regarding group discounts, please contact us at 7009548243.

Is there a Certificate of Completion for the program?

Yes, upon successful completion, participants will receive an instructor-signed certificate from Scrollwell, validating their participation in the FDP.

How will I receive confirmation of my participation?

Upon registration, participants will receive a confirmation email. It's advised to apply early as participation is limited.

When will we receive the session link and joining information?

Session links and joining details will be circulated 15 minutes before each daily session.