05 Days Faculty Development Programme on

“Innovative Teaching Strategies andTools in the Digital Age”


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Date: April 24-28, 2023

Time: 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Course Fee: 700 INR

Faculty Development Programme

Organized by

Institute of Applied Medicine and Research, Ghaziabad

Faculty Development Programme is a Designed Road map to completely up-skill in just 05 days to learn almost everything it takes to match with the Transforming Teaching and Learning Trends. This Faculty Development Programme on Innovative Teaching Strategies and Tools in the Digital Age will take you through Various Modules along with Assignments and Assessments based Certifications for each module to step by step from Basics to becoming masters in your field.

Some of the key features of the Faculty Development Programme:

  • Pedagogical techniques for making an interactive classroom
  • Producing interactive course/lessons with easy to use free and open online tools
  • Creating your students' paced courses.
  • Creating Live Polls, Quizzes and Q&A
  • Embedding Web page along with presentation
  • Using free tools to make your presentations more engaging
  • Conduct tests and examination safely
  • Create quiz, generate class reports and send scores and certificates to students
  • Write easily by giving commands freely without any errors
  • Learning to create ‘Effective Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint’ and additional tools that make the Processes easier than ever.
  • Using Google Classrooms to assign work (Quiz, Assignments, Learning Resources, and Questions) to students in an organized manner and evaluate effectively.
  • Learning Microsoft Word, its tools and Add-ons to boost productivity with working on a Project.
  • Bulk Report Card and Certificate Generation
  • Add-ons & Tricks for Online Teaching Tools to Boost Productivity, take Attendance,
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