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The success at an early age of 13

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started No matter what Methodology, Tips or Tricks you might be using to get inspired getting started is better than all of them”.

This is the story of one of the youngest entrepreneur in the world. He isn’t just an early successful entrepreneur but also a motivator who manifest his drive into others.Farrhad Acidwalla born on 16 November 1993 in Pune, Maharashtra. He completed his schooling from Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai and graduated from the H.R college of commerce and economics. He is currently pursuing L.L.B from K.C Law College, Mumbai. He is a 25-year-old Indian entrepreneur. He started as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world and is best known as the founder of Rockstar Media and CYBERNETIC DIGITAL. Farrhad has worked with leading global enterprises and influencers. He has led teams that have assisted in securing brands like Atlassian, Asus, Lenovo and Microsoft. Farrhad is a frequently invited speaker at several educational institutions across the country, including IITs and IIMs. He has been featured by:

  • Cable News Network (CNN)
  • Daily News & Analysis (DNA)
  • The Times of India (TOI)
  • The Telegraph (UK)
  • VOGUE (India)

His Journey started as when he was 13 years old he faced the study pressure, living up with the parent’s expectations like other teenagers. But apart from all the pressure, he always attends the aero-modelling classes in his school and found the passion according to his interest. He says, “fuelling Plains and flying that at distance spaces gives me a drive……a drive to fuel my aviation ambition.” He was always eager to learn about aviation so he never missed his aeromodelling class. He thought that his life going forward too and he feels that this was his career. Returning from school one day, his mind was still bustling with the thoughts of the aviation, planes and aeromodelling. Then the idea of creating an aviation website on the Internet came to his mind. At that time he had no prior knowledge about website creation, web development and HTML etc. But he didn’t let it shun his passion and decided that I just gonna do this. He started searching on the internet how to create a website, reading how to learn and code in HTML. But suddenly, he realised that I can start a website, probably get a design and everything that was needed, but where were I get the content from. So, for the next one year, he would mail hundreds of people on aviation websites on the globe and he requests them, “hi…can I use your information, please could I use your image, I am trying to do something here. It will be great if you give me a chance to use your content.” Because he knows that content is everything you may have a great design, great marketing, have talent in place and you may have everything… but what matters the most, is your content. People come to your website or your product or your service. it’s only gain value when you provide something that they need. One day he catches the bug, borrowed $10 from his parents to build an online community. Then his parents told, that this was only your hobby just leave it here and try to concentrate on your studies. But from as small as $10 investment, He joined the entrepreneurial rank at the age of 13, building an online community around Aviation and aero-modelling. And that project was sold for $1200. It was his very first profitable deal further boosted many similar ventures, gradually pecking the level of his achievements to arise. After when he completed his board examination he used $400 to started and launched a business, which mainly focused on Web-development, Marketing and Advertising, Branding etc and named it ‘Rockstah.’ Soon the company has got national and international recognition and the success of Rockstah has Propelled Farrhad as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. It was in August 2009, Farrhad has founded Rockstah Media. Rockstah Media is a web development satisfying the media needs of the clients. Rockstah offers the custom website designs that are top-of-the-line and also offer market sites and products right from the scratch to the sky, marketing services as well and thus prove to be a complete service station. This young entrepreneur opines that being noticed online adds value to the business. Creativity, confidence combined with Farrhad’s zest and passion has taken the company to the heights, with increased entrepreneurial velocity. He isn’t just an early successful entrepreneur but also a motivator who manifest his drive into others. Now, he also takes to social media to share his ideas with the viewers. He is most recent brand-building venture too him to the Chenab Valley in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir. Where he was invited by the Indian government to around hundreds of youth. Farrhad always says that “if you’re failing and not learning from it, you’re wasting your time. You will learn far more from your smallest failure than you will from your greater success.”Few important years and events.In 2011, Farrhad was featured by CNN Money and was ranked 5th on the list of young entrepreneurs at the age of 17. In 2012, IndiaTV has ranked Farrhad as 4th among the Most Promising Young Indian Entrepreneurs. In 2014, he was also the youngest guest lecture at IIT Kharagpur’s annual Entrepreneurship Summit. For his digital concepts and strategy is he also honouring with:• The Telegraph (UK) featured Farrhad second on the list of “25 internet success stories aged 25 and under”.• In 2015, Farrhad was featured in VERVE’s Fresh List of GenNext achiever.• Featured on CNN, CNN-IBN, LiveMint,, Yahoo! Finance, The Economic Times and The Times of India, to name a few.In 2018, Farrhad has also founded CYBERNETIV DIGITAL, which is mainly based in Mumbai, India. Farrhad serves on the Board of Directors of D Y Patil Edutech and the advisory board of AIESEC in NMIMS Shirpur.Despite being a very young company of 1 year, It has a comprehensive team of developers, marketers and designers across the globe. ACHIEVEMENTS:• Founder: Rockstah Media(August 2009)• Co-Founder: Kiwidia(Jan 2009-Aug 2009)• Owner: Webmaster Peers(March 2009-Aug 2009)• Founder: CYBERNETIC DIGITAL(May 2018)

His thought is, "work is the most Millionaire thing in the world."

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