February 17-18, 2021 | 03:00 PM​
Workshop on Understanding and Filing IPR

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With the view to create awareness on the significance of IPR to the people from various sectors in the Country, Scrollwell is organizing a two days Online Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights. The Workshop is intended to cover various aspects of IPR like Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.


● To catalyze awareness about the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) among people with special reference to patenting
● To provide an understanding of basic concepts of IPR related terminology.
● To guide individual about patent drafting, formulation of claims and filing

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To Learn
From this Training Program

● Importance & Advantages of IPR
● Types of IPR
● International Agreements, Treaties and Conventions
● Historical Background of Patent System
● Introduction to organization and website
● What is Patent?
● Patentability Criteria, Novelty and Inventive step Industrial application
● What is not patentable and not Anticipations?
● Examples Who can apply for a Patent application?
● Where to file an application?
● Types of Patent applications
● General procedure for Patent filing.

● Forms and Fees, Flowchart, Timelines
● Priority date of filing, Effects of Priority Dates
● Publication of Application/Patent Office Journal
● Request for Examination
● Examination of Application
● Exercise on Forms filling
● Provisional specification and Complete specification

● Patent Searching, International Patent Classification
● Withdrawal of Application
● Post- dating of Application
● Foreign filing permission
● Secrecy Directions
● Grant of patent, Term , Renewal and Maintenance of Patent
● Amendments in the application before and after grant
● Rights, Duties of Patentee
● Question & Answer, Evaluation & Feedback

Workshop Mentor

Dr. Rahul Taneja
Patent Information Centre,
Department of Science & Technology,
Government of Haryana.

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