What is JavaScript? | Overview

JavaScript is a scripting computer programming language. It is used to create and control a dynamic website, whose implementations allow client-side script to interact with the user and make dynamic pages. It is a high-level, interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities.

JavaScript was known as LiveScript, but Netscape changes its name to JavaScript. An even better way of understanding to JavaScript – When web page timeline automatically updates or Google suggests search terms based on a few letters you started typing. In case, that’s JavaScript in action.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Speed: JavaScript is tends to be very fast because it is can run immediately with the in client’s browser. Unless outside resources are required, JavaScript isn’t slowed down by calls to a backend server.
  • Frameworks: JavaScript have a list of powerful frameworks which boasts ready to uses codes. All such codes are easy to understand as well as debug. 
  • Richer interfaces: JavaScript can used to create features like drag-and-drop components and sliders, all of these to give a rich interface to site visitors.
  • Simplicity: JavaScript’s syntax was inspired by Java’s and is relatively simple to learn an implement to other programming languages.
  • Popularity: Server-side JavaScript gained popularity because it allowed for the scalability needed in cloud computing and the back-end. Now JavaScript is used everywhere on the web.

What is JavaScript Used For?

JavaScript is commonly used for web browsers. Here are some basic list of the things JavaScript is used for:

  • Adding interactivity to websites: JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages. With JavaScript, there is no limit thing to do on a web page.
  • Developing mobile applications: JavaScript isn’t just for website; one of the most powerful things you can do with JavaScript is to build applications for non-web contexts.
  • Back end web development: In web development, JavaScript is mostly used on the front end of things, but it’s a versatile enough scripting language to be used on back end infrastructure too.
  • Games: Now, the Web has become a robust venue for games. Directly game played from the web browser, JavaScript probably helped make it happen.

Why use JavaScript over the other Programming Language?

There are many reasons for web developers to use JavaScript over other Programming languages:

  • One language for frontend and backend programming
  • It is the most popular language
  • Develop faster and smother
  • Easy to learn, faster master
  • JavaScript has great statistics

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