November 09-10, 2021
05 PM - 06:30 PM

Master The Communication Processes Using Gmail

Master Gmail and Capture Data, Email Address, and much more!

Our flagship two-day program combines modern productivity strategies with hands-on practical
implementation using Gmail. Participants not only learn to work more productively in this session, they
actually get organised before they leave, increasing the chances of lasting behavioural change. This

session is suited to teams or groups within an organisation.

Registration Fee: 100/-
What you’ll get

Session Recording

Live tests & quizzes

Certificate of Participation

PDFs and material

To Learn
From this Live Workshop

  • Add and manage multiple email accounts in one place

  • Manage your emails with labels

  • Use filters to automatically process a message

  • Organize your messages with the stars system

  • Reply to mail faster with Canned Responses

  • Schedule sending and set email reminders with Boomerang

  • Delegate the management of your inbox to an assistant

  • Set a Gmail reply for you if you are on vacation

  • Un-send emails and view messages without clicking through

  • Search in Advanced and find any email you’re looking for

  • Perform actions quickly on many emails

  • Clean up your email: archiving and deleting

  • Create a text or image signature

  • Set Contacts and Contact groups: Save time and be productive

  • Understand tasks and maintain multiple to-do lists

  • Use and Connect Gmail Keep Notes and Google Calendar Together

Workshop Mentor

Mentor Rating: 4.7
Learners: 4850+
Mr. Roshan Kumar
Co-Founder and CEO - Scrollwell
Innovation Ambassador
MoE's Innovation Cell, Govt of India
MBA - Dr. B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar

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