Major Archie Acharya

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment thatsomething else is more important than fear.

Today we are going to talk about the journey of an Indian Army Officer. Archie Acharya was inducted in the Indian Army in 2009. It has been her dream to join forces since childhood. When she was in class 8th, She saw a billboard while going to school every day. A smart soldier was wearing an olive-green uniform pointing a finger and asking ‘Do you have it in you?’ That question Shaped Up her life. It was so thought-provoking that she just wanted to be a part of it. Since 8th standard itself, she wanted to do something different and when she was in 12th. She was obsessed with answering the soldier’s question. So, she filled up the form for NDA without even realizing that women are enrolled in NDA only after completing graduation. She had to wait until her graduation gets over. And she got into engineering and in her final year, she got a job in an MNC. Her family and relatives were very happy since she got the job and will be settled. But at the same time, she got her SSB interview call letter and she had to make a choice. Then she chose the SSB interview. Everybody in her family was surprised and were wondering that when you have a job already, why do you want to go for an interview? But that was the risk that she had to take in her life. Only because that risk was worth taking.She went for SSB interview in Bangalore and she saw a lot of girls over there. There were a lot of repeaters, from a military background and she was from a non-military background. She had no idea what will happen in the interview, but then she gave her best shot and she came back. She waited for interview results for almost 4 months. Her friends had started earning already and she was really worried that whether she took the right decision or not. But ultimately her patience and perseverance paid well because after 4 months she got a call letter from Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai. She said, I clearly remember that day when I open the letter, the first line answered the question I had in my mind for years. And it was, ‘yes, you have it in you.’ That moment was the most memorable moment of life and in her family, her mother was the happiest. When she sees a lot of parents who fear to send their sons and daughters to this noble profession because of the physical extremities that are involved with them, she just wants to say that I also never got physically trained to get into the Army. She didn’t know how to swim, Run long distances, horse riding, she didn’t know how to play hockey but she learned everything in the academy. Her childhood was really difficult. She lost her father when she was five years old. Her mom raised her and her two elder sisters. She had to compromise on lots of things. She even took tuitions and used to buy books on rent, but what she never compromised on being her career and her passion.When she goes to the officer training academy her relatives were shocked and apprehensive and constantly kept asking her mother, why do you want to send your daughter to Officers Training Academy, Chennai. They said that she might get hurt, tanned on her face, but that was the moment her Mom told her, either you become an officer or don’t come home. She was really scared because on one side there were her relatives who said she might get hurt and on the other hand her mother who persisted her to become an officer. She went to Officers Training Academy, Chennai. She said that the Officers Training Academy will groom you like a leader in you and the idea of leadership is not a man or woman. It is being gender-neutral. So, when her training got over.Her first posting infield area Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir. The moment she reached they are her commanding officer gave her a task to check all the night vision devices in the forward areas. She took her weapon and wore her bulletproof gear and she started walking from one post to another. The full night she had to check these night vision devices and that moment she realized that if her commanding officer is not differentiating between the task that is given to her or a man then she should also prove herself. She said, often in life we tend to think that we are not good enough, but that is the movement, we need to tell ourselves that we can perform much more beyond our perceived capabilities, succumb navigated the globe, there are daring fighter pilots also. This is the only organization where you’re taught values, ethos and you become a warrior for life. She always says to all the women that no matter whatever background you come from and whichever field you’re in. Please bring out the warrior in you because every person is Warrior Within you. Now when her sisters and she look back today the kind of struggles that her mom had gone through. They realize whatever we have achieved it’s only because of their mother and she was their support system, but unfortunately, she is also not with them anymore. She said it is not important that your support system stays with you throughout. You need to take your life’s decision on your own because there is no one else in your life other than you who can make a difference in your life.In an interview, she shared the three-success mantras of her life that are: -# Be Willing# Unlock your Potential and#Believe in Yourself and Surely that one day everyone will say to themselves, ‘Yes, you have it in you.’

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, 
and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. She does not set out to be a leader, 
but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. 

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