उम्र छोटी है तो क्या हौसले बुलंद होने चाहिए”
Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran(App Developers and Founders of “Go-Dimensions”)

Most of the young boys comprise a large part of game enthusiasts. And not to in the 12-15 age group would care about the backend of the games they play. But 14 years old is a perfect example that age is not a bar to follow your passion. These brothers hold the distinction of being the youngest mobile application programmers in India by Apple. The boys operate through their company called“Go Dimensions”, where Shravan is the Co-founder&President and Sanjay is the co-founder&CEO. They are the students of Vaels Billabong High International School, Chennai. According to their parents, from very early childhood, they developed an interest in computer and spent hours searching what more to do with it which led them to develop mobile applications. They founded Go-Dimensions out of their passion in the last month of 2011 but within two months their first mobile application Catch me Cop was on display at Apple’s App store and within next few weeks it received the attention of cnet.com, one of the most popular websites in tech news, reviews and listings of popular apps. They also built Color Palette, Prayer Planet, Alphabet Board applications which are available in both apple’s App Store. Their next app is called ‘‘Emergency Boat’ which was inspired by their own experience when Sanjay fell off the skateboard and tried calling his dad in vain who only responded after 30 minutes. They have made this app for use during emergencies where you can set up important contact along with six emergency contact numbers. Once assigned and in case of an emergency, it gives an immediate call to the assigned number as well as sends an SMS saying emergency their applications are quite popular on both the Apple and Android stores and have received close to 24,000 downloads since launch by word of mouth marketing and showing the application to the people they meet. They also aspire to develop a tablet called ‘Go-Sheet’, which they want to be the thinnest and lightest tablet in the world. Shravan favours Apple while Sanjay prefers Android. These youngsters were encouraged by their dad who taught them PowerPoint, Qbasic, Java etc. But their thirst did not end there and they both learnt application development languages themselves to work on Android and IOS. They have spoken at various events like TEDx, IIMB flagship event Eximus and CII Chandigarh among others and have also been honoured by Former President of India, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. Besides coding, both the brothers like animation, reading books, painting and making caricatures and cartoons. But all their computing passions is not interfering with their regular studies. Shravan says they attend the school punctually. Shravan and Sanjay tell about their future that they’d prefer to focus on studies, but also added that they’d love to see Go-Dimensions as one of the fastest-growing app developing companies focusing on creating more educational apps for kids.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
 –Dr. Suess

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