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लहरों को शांत देखकर यह मत समझना, कि समंदर में रवानी नहीं है | जब भी उठेंगे तूफान बन कर उठेंगे, बस अभी उठने की ठानी नहीं है ||
“नमस्कार देश और दुनिया की बड़ी खबरों के साथ में हूं ज्योति मिश्रा|”

We may have seen or heard her many times on TV while speaking like this. Jyoti Mishra is a news anchor on India TV, but her way to success was not that easy. Jyoti Mishra’s father was in the Indian Army and was appointed in Hyderabad. But they are actually from the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Her entire family still lives in Jaunpur. Her mother was a teacher and wanted to provide a good education for her children. What else could have been better than Army School that’s why they decided to stay in Hyderabad. However, living in Hyderabad was not easy for her family. Jyoti was eight years old when his father retired. At that time their financial condition was very good and had all the comforts of the world, there were no problems in their life, but after his father’s retirement, his father invested all his money in the business and tried to secure future for his family. But his father’s luck did not support him and gradually all his saving capital was exhausted. Then a time comes when Jyoti’s father’s business was in drastic loss. Now their financial condition was very bad. Then one day his landlord asked him to vacate the house. But his parents didn’t vacate the house. He believed that Self Respect is a big thing. Why should we vacate the house where we are staying without any reason and without any mistake? The children were also facing a lot of difficulties in this fight, but due to a very young age, they could not understand what they should do. 10 years old, their landlord tried his best to get their house vacated, but her parents also insisted that they had to live here. Due to this, all the facilities in her house were closed. Electricity was also cut off. Jyoti gave her board exams, studying in lantern light in an un-electrified house. At that time Jyoti thought that somehow my childhood should pass and I grow up quickly so that I can take up all the responsibilities of my house and remove all the obstacles. All these things were always in her mind. One day Jyoti was returning from her village with her parents. Then her father got a call that his house has been set on fire. His house was set on fire for the purpose of evacuating the house. At that time she had no books, nor clothes, all the items of her house and even ration were burnt. Then she had left nothing in the City of Hyderabad. That day Jyoti saw her parents breaking up. That day Jyoti thought that she was living a life without any purpose. Jyoti forced to wonder why her parents are working so hard. Is she cursing to her life that Why are they seeing such a bad day? Her family status in the village was very good. If they want they can go back to the village and live a life of happiness. But why are they facing so many problems? So that she and her brother can get a good education. After this incident, when Jyoti was in the 12th class, thought that she would do something bigger and will not let her parents hard work go to waste. As soon as Jyoti’s 12th studies ended, his father and his brother gave him a biotic form for further studies. As soon as she saw science, she tore the form and threw it. Jyoti sees her future in journalism and Mass Communication. Jyoti did she completed her education very well for 3 years and also got very good marks. To support herself and expenses, she used to go to college in the morning and taught tuition in the evening. Her own expenses were comfortably balanced. Now she had no such problems for herself. After 3 years in college one thing was clear that is Jyoti is best in anchoring and facing the camera. Inter College some projects and shows work done in which Jyoti used to participate and through this, she had got to know her special talent and she made up her mind to convert this is a special talent in her profession. She got her first job at the age of 19 but it was not very easy because there was no one among her relatives who could guide her to this profession. But there was nothing like this. So, Jyoti applies to all the TV channels found in the yellow page directory book. But there was no response from anywhere now the work had to be done, so somehow Jyoti joints an Ad agency after beating her up. But Jyoti was not interested in this work at all. At that time, each day of Jyoti was very difficult. 20-25 days later, she was called by ETV. From here the door of her dreams started to open. People from all over India came for the interview. Her audition and interview were very good and after that, she trained in anchoring for 1 month on TV and then came out with a different personality and with a different identity of herself. While working on the ETV channel, one she got a call from India TV. This was a very big chance for her to work with the national channel. Jyoti dreamed was on the verge of being fulfilled that her father was admitted to the ICU. Jyoti’s first priority was her family, then her dream! But when she went to the hospital to meet her father the doctor refused to go inside. Then Jyoti thought that she could not even go inside the hospital for 2 days, so why to waste the time and thinking that she went to give interviews on India TV. Due to her father situation, Jyoti had no idea of where she has come, what she speaking and which channel she has come in. In the evening she came to know that she had to clear all the rounds of the interview and she has been selected for the National Channel. She couldn’t believe that she had been selected for the national channel and Now her 9 years regional channel journey was over. After that when Jyoti went to the hospital her father’s health had also improved a lot. Then her father was taken home from the hospital.At that time, Jyoti told her parents that I have been selected for the India TV and now I have to go to Delhi please give me your permission. After many efforts, her parents agree to send her. Thus, Jyoti fulfilled her dreams which she had dreamed.

तराशने हमने खुद को हीरे की तरह,
लोग जितने भी चोट देंगे हम और निखरती जाएंगे||

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