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घायल परिंदा है तू , दिखला दे जिंदा है तू , बाक़ी है तुझमें हौसला , तेरे जूनून के आगे , अम्बर पनाहे मांगे , कर डाले तू जो फैसला।।

A girl who cross miles for her dream by crossing a difficult path, and it was her perseverance and determination that after getting lots of quips she cracked UPSC which people usually dreamed. Everyone is surprised to see a Polio-affected officer posted as a “Deputy Commissioner” in “Income Tax Department, Mumbai”.
She always uses to say that “Polio is in the body not in the mind.”
Sarika Jain is an example for all those who stand strong in difficult circumstances. Sarika was born in a joint family in ‘Kantabanji’ a small town in Odisha. At the age of two, she had Polio. Sarika’s parents didn’t even know at that time what was polio? After taking Sarika to the hospital, the doctor realised that she may have suffered from Malaria and the doctor gave her an injection. Fifty per cent of her body had stopped functioning after the injecting the injection. She had gone to Coma. Sarika remained in coma state for one and a half years.It was a very tough time for her family but her family didn’t lose hope. After 4 years Sarika was cured, but she found lots of obstacles to get admission in school. Nobody wants to admit her in school. After great efforts, she got admission in school. But after getting admission the main struggle started. The children use to tease her, one of the worst situations is to throw stones at her due to her physical appearance. People considered her weak but even after all these situations, she didn’t let her courage break and after schooling, she completed her graduation from commerce in 2004. Time was passing after 4 years when she came to know that her juniors were going to do CA in Raipur, she told her parents that she wanted to do CA. But for this, the parents put a condition that she will do preparations of her exam at home for which Sarika agreed. In this excitement, she had forgotten that she was at home from the last 4 years She also has forgotten the debit and credit which is called basic of commerce. At that time in her village, 30-40 students gave the CA exam and Sarika qualifies with the highest rank among all of them. After this, she moved to study in the city and tracked her CA exam and became a CA. There was a happy atmosphere at home.After completed her CA, when she was travelling to home. She was not knowing that her new Journey is going to begin. she heard the news that someone from her village becoming an IAS officer. By hearing this she also made her mind to give the civil service examination. She wants to prepare for UPSC. When she came home people said that “girl has completed the CA, now we will open an office for her in which she will do her work”. But when she expressed her desire to give UPSC exam, everyone was surprised. At that time, she doesn’t know about UPSC, what was UPSC? Then the family member thought that she has gone mad, nobody supported her, her father said that people like us cannot become officers. After many efforts the family allowed her to prepare for IAS.Unable to succeed after working hard, the family sent her to Delhi to prepare for the Civil Service examination. She studied there and came back by scoring 527 ranks in 2013. When Sarika name appeared in the UPSC list, everyone attitude had changed towards her. According to Sarika the crowd always criticize you. She said that during the preparation in the beginning people often said, that you will not be a CA and also UPSC will not be able to clear. Sarika believes that in today’s time if a person can take something ahead then it is his education, hard work and will power.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”
―Vince Lombardi

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