Excel Essentials: Mastering Basics,

Lookup Functions, Charts, Pivot Tables and Dashboards

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Date: March 25 – 26, 2023

Time: 04:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Course Fee: 200 INR

What you’ll learn

I. Introduction to Excel

  • Excel interface overview
  • Understanding the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Basic Excel terminology (cells, rows, columns, etc.)
  • Entering data and formulas
  • Navigating worksheets and workbooks
  • Saving and opening files

II. Basic Excel Functions

  • Formatting cells (fonts, borders, shading)
  • Autosum function
  • Copying and pasting cells
  • Basic arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Basic statistical functions (average, median, mode, min, max)
  • Absolute and relative cell references

III. Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Sorting data by column
  • Filtering data by column
  • Using multiple criteria to filter data
  • Advanced filtering techniques (e.g. filtering by date range)

IV. Removing Duplicates

  • Identifying and selecting duplicate values
  • Removing duplicate values using built-in Excel functions
  • Using conditional formatting to highlight duplicate values

V. Lookup Functions

  • VLOOKUP function
  • HLOOKUP function
  • INDEX and MATCH functions
  • Using named ranges to improve the readability of formulas

VI. IF Function

  • Understanding logical tests
  • Writing IF statements
  • Using nested IF statements
  • Using IF with other functions like SUMIF and COUNTIF

VII. Creating Dropdown Lists

  • Creating dropdown lists using data validation
  • Using named ranges in dropdown lists
  • Creating dependent dropdown lists using INDIRECT function

VIII. Printing and Page Layout

  • Setting print options
  • Adjusting page margins and orientation
  • Adding headers and footers
  • Adjusting page breaks
  • Using page layout tools to make your worksheets look more professional

IX. Creating Graphs and Charts

  • Creating bar, line, and pie charts
  • Formatting chart elements (axes, legend, data labels)
  • Adding trendlines to charts
  • Creating combination charts
  • Creating a secondary axis in a chart
  • Creating sparklines

X. Pivot Tables

  • Creating a pivot table
  • Filtering and sorting pivot table data
  • Formatting pivot table elements
  • Grouping data in a pivot table
  • Calculating values as percentages or differences
  • Creating a pivot chart

XI. Creating Dashboards

  • Combining data from multiple sources
  • Creating interactive charts and graphs
  • Using conditional formatting to highlight important data
  • Creating dynamic dashboards using slicers
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