AHLAM AHMED(Global Youth Ambassador from Yemen)

Twenty-nine years old Ahlam Ahmed was born in a rural area of Yemen. Her mother was illiterate and a victim of early marriage she gave divorced from Ahlam’s father when was very young. Ahlam’s maternal grandparents died, so her mother was her whole family, she was left with no family and didn’t have a job that could help to raise Ahlam education. She found a part-time job, sell women’s clothes and suffered considerable hardship to send her school as her village life was very difficult. Girls are deprived of their basic rights, she also faced many challenges for her education. Her school was located very far from home and the roads were dangerous as it was situated in the mountain region. She walks more than 4 kilometres to reach school on time, where there are many kinds of wild animals, sometimes due to natural calamities her books get wet and notes get destroy. So, she should have to rewrite all her lessons and homework. The quality of education was very bad. Her father never supported her or help her mother with school expenses. She felt his absence deeply. Her struggle made her strong. She always remembered her mother’s tear and how she suffered, so she developed an eagerness to study and wanted to be successful in her life. The biggest challenge was she faced her father intention was to get marry and settle, but her mother was against to stop her education or forcing her into Child marriage and supporting her until she finished Secondary School. When she completed her secondary education, her family done her marriage and after a few months later she has a baby.
Suddenly after a long haul, she enrolled in an English language and computer science institute and finished TOEFL and computer courses with the highest marks. She put in the intensive effort and studied hard, never-give-up and finished her graduation from the University Education College as she was the topper of her batch, and also became a teacher at the same University and rewarded from the President of Yemen and the Rector of the university. After that, she planned to study an MA in gender and development and finish her PhD. Now, she is an Education Activist, Local leader, engaging in philanthropic work, enabling access to education for underprivileged children and raising awareness of girl’s empowerment through education. She launched many initiatives to support children, especially since the war escalated in Yemenin 2015. She is working as an education coordinator at the National Foundation for Development andHumanitarianResponse (NFDHR). She is also a Globalyouth ambassador for education in Yemen and also a member of the Youth Skill and InnovationCommission for the Global Business coalition for education. She is spreading Awareness of education and inspire young people to advocate for this in many ways via social media and conducting awareness lectures. She is the only girl in her family and village who completed their studies and achieved their dreams. Now, she is a mother of two children and doing her best to make them highly educated, ambitious and inspiring. This has only done due to her strong determination and persistence.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”
―Maya Angelou

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