Bootcamp on Machine Learning with Python

Bootcamp on Machine Learning
January 09-13, 2021 | 06:00 PM
Bootcamp on Machine Learning using Python

Learn from Start

5 Days Bootcamp designed to learn Machine Learning using python from beginning is a perfect jump start for Machine Learning and Python with practical projects for better understanding

5 Days | 3 Practical Projects 
Registration Fee: 250/-

Bootcamp Overview 

The Bootcamp is focused to give a jump start to learners and build a strong foundation in  Machine Learning and Python. Machine learning algorithms will be explained visually. Learning about Machine Learning will be taken from the beginning to the level where learners will create their own projects using machine learning algorithms. The Bootcamp is designed in a simple way to learn that makes machine learning easy to learn for everyone with 3 hands on projects and syntaxes of python and getting comfortable in machine learning concepts.


To be Covered
  • Introduction to machine learning, Big data, need of ML
  • Role of Python and R programming in this domain
  • Introduction of Python syntax and programming logics
  • Deep dive with Supervised and Unsupervised learning
  • Basic of python and why python for machine learning
  • Setting Up Jupyter Notebook
  • Quickstart Python
  • Quickstart Numpy
  • Quickstart Data Visualization
  • Quickstart OpenCV
  • Quickstart Pandas
  • Working with Python for ML
  • Types of learning, Classification, regression, Training your machine with real-time datasets
  • Project : Movie Recommendation System 
  • K Nearest Neighbours Algorithm Introduction
  • K Nearest Neighbors Implementation
  • Project : Recognizing MNIST Handwritten digits using KNN  
  • OpenCV: Image Processing with Python
  • Open CV – Working with images Part – I
  • Open CV – Working with images Part – II 
  • Face Detection using HaarCascades
  • Working with Video Stream from Web Cam
  • Project : Face Recognition Project  

Bootcamp Mentor

Arsh Goyal
Explore ML Facilitator
Google Crowdsource
B.Tech ECE
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar

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