Course on Android App Development by Vanderbilt University [Online, 5 Months]

About the Course

This Specialization enables learners to successfully apply core Java programming languages features & software patterns needed to develop maintainable mobile apps comprised of core Android components, as well as fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms.

The Capstone project will integrate the material from throughout the Specialization to exercise and assess the ability of learners to create an interesting Android app by applying knowledge and skills learned in previous MOOCs, including Java programming features, Android Studio tools, Android Activity components, Material Design, file I/O and data persistence, unit testing, and software patterns.

The project itself will be similar in design goals to previous assignments, however it will provide less of the skeleton code than earlier MOOCs provide to enable more creativity to learners and greater opportunity for learners to customize the app.

Skills you will gain
  • Software Testing
  • Android Software Development
  • Java Programming
  • Junit
  • Logic Programming
  • Android Studio
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Computer Programming
  • Concurrent Computing
  • Unit Testing
There are 5 Courses in this Specialization
  • Java for Android
  • Android App Components – Intents, Activities, and Broadcast Receivers
  • Android App Components – Services, Local IPC, and Content Providers
  • Engineering Maintainable Android Apps
  • Capstone MOOC for “Android App Development”

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Android App Development

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