10 Days National Level FDP on Online Teaching Platforms and Tools

Date: Aug 06 – 15, 2021
Time: 06:00 PM – 07:45 PM

Scrollwell Motive

Scrollwell is organizing workshop on (10 Days Faculty Development Program on Online Teaching Platforms and Tools) with the transition of teaching-learning to online mode, E-content is gaining popularity among learners and educators
and has become an essential skill for all faculties and educators for taking their teachings online and educate better
with digital tools.

Overview of FDP

Students and Learners are more inclined to find the education and learning resources on the
internet and the recent acceleration in online learning and teaching has given a boost to the
popularity of E-content development and MOOCs have been the driving part of online learning
Content. With a plethora of digital tools and services, education can be taken to a next level
for making content that gives students an easy grasp of informative content. This FDP is
designed with the objective to keep the educators and faculty at the pace of growing trends in

Focused Audience

People who are passionate about teaching and learning new things.

Topics to be covered

A Designed Road map to completely up-skill in just 10 days to learn almost everything it takes to
match with the Transforming Teaching and Learning Trends. This Boot Camp will take you
through 4 Modules along with Assignments and Assessments based Certifications for each
module to step by step from Basics to becoming masters in your field.
“Focuses on how to use various Online Tools for Teaching and we don’t even stop here we have
a bundle of add-ons to make the Teaching more Productive and Effective.”
Aug 06, 2021
➔ Learn to take Quiz, Registration, and any submission you need using Google Forms.
➔ How to prevent Students/Participants from Cheating in online Quizzes and Tests.
➔ How to Provide Automatic Certifications to Participants/Students for a test. (Add-on)
Aug 07, 2021
➔ Using Google Classrooms to assign work (Quiz, Assignments, Learning Resources,
Questions)to students in an organized manner and evaluate effectively.
➔ Testmoz and other similar tools for Productivity.
Aug 08, 2021
➔ Learning to take Live Classes of Students using Tools like Google Meet | Zoom | Cisco
Aug 09, 2021
➔ Learning Microsoft Word, it’s tools and Add-ons to boost productivity with working on a
Aug 10 – 11, 2021
➔ Learning to create ‘Effective Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint’ and additional
tools that make the Processes easier than ever.
Aug 12- 13, 2021
➔ Moving from essentials to some advanced in the Microsoft Excel/Spreadsheets.
➔ Organizing Data using tools in Excel
➔ Creating Charts and Graphs in MS Excel
➔ Add-on’s for Excel/Sheets you will thank off to make your work a lot easier.
➔ Bulk Report Card and Certificate Generation
Aug 14, 2021
➔Engaging Poster and Brochure Designing using Microsoft Office and other Additional
Aug 15, 2021
➔ Add-ons & Tricks for Online Teaching Tools to Boost Productivity, take Attendance, use
whiteboard and Work Effectively in Online Teaching.
➔ We will be diving into discussion on tips and tricks for effective teaching.
➔ Sharing opinions with each other to exchange knowledge and get to know each other.

Participation Fee: 350/-


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