9768 Learners | Date: Nov 30- Dec 06, 2021

07 Days FDP on Technology Management in Education

For Effective Teaching and Learning.

Our flagship seven-day’s program combines modern productivity strategies with hands-on practical
implementation using online tools. 

After completing this program, faculty will be able to Efficiently Manage and Evaluate Assignments, Tests, assigned work and Student Reports. Educate and Engage Students classes online with live Classes.

Registration Fee: 350/-
What you’ll get

Session Recording

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FDP Sessions are Planned to cover-up all the topics that a teacher may require for conducting Teaching and Administration process in online mode. Training sessions will consist of both activities and lectures that will provide a better learning experience in the following Modules.

To Learn
From this Live FDP

Day 1 

  • Learn to take Quiz, Registration and any submission you need using Google Forms.
  • How to prevent Students/Participants from Cheating in online Quizzes and Tests. (Add-on)
  • Testmoz and other similar tools for Productivity.

Day 2 

  • Using Google Classrooms to assign work (Quiz, Assignments, Learning Resources, and Questions) to students in an organized manner and evaluate effectively.

Day 3 

  • Learning to take Live Classes of Students
  • Add-ons & Tricks for Online Teaching Tools to Boost Productivity, take Attendance, use the whiteboard and Work Effectively in Online Teaching

Day 4 

  • Learning Microsoft Word, its tools and Add-ons to boost productivity with working on a Project. Creating Bulk Certificates

Day 5 

  • Learning to create ‘Effective Presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint’ and additional tools that make the Processes easier than ever.

Day 6-7

  • Moving from essentials to some advanced in the Microsoft Excel/Spreadsheets.
  • Organizing Data using tools in Excel
  • Engaging Poster and Brochure Designing using Microsoft Office and other Additional Tools

Workshop Mentor

Mentor Rating: 4.7
Learners: 4850+
Mr. Roshan Kumar
Co-Founder and CEO - Scrollwell
Innovation Ambassador
MoE's Innovation Cell, Govt of India
MBA - Dr. B R Ambedkar NIT Jalandhar

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